iMotiv8 - Whiskey Tasting

Whiskey Tasting

Too much of anything is bad, too much good whiskey is barely enough.

iMotiv8 - Team Picasso

Team Picasso

Inspire creativity, team cohesion, audio & visual skills as well as communication.

iMotiv8 - Survivor


Team cohesion, internal communications and mental alertness.

iMotiv8 - Soweto Jive

Soweto Jive

Benefits are complete company cohesion, conflict management and time management.

iMotiv8 - Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure

Strengthen communication skills and strategizing within the group.

iMotiv8 - Gin Tasting

Gin Tasting

Experience the fun tasting, networking treat for all gin lovers.

iMotiv8 - Flash Mob

Flash Mob

Surprise the audience with the ultimate choreographed musical performance.

iMotiv8 - Fear Factor

Fear Factor

Improve team work, team effectiveness and time management.

iMotiv8 - Creative Creations

Creative Creation

Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, this activity takes a blind twist.

iMotiv8 - Cocktail Making

Cocktail Making

Teams will be given the chance to awaken their creative juices.

iMotiv8 - Born To Move

Born To Move

Understand how flexibility impacts performance.

iMotiv8 - African Beat Orchestra

African Beat Orchestra

Play individual instruments ranging from cowbells to marimbas; claves to drums, shakers to wooden frogs.

Our team sessions are known to break down hierarchical barriers, diversify and relieve stress within the workplace, while conveying a shared message and desired outcome.

Whether your priority is to motiv8, or rebuild your team, we specialize in meeting key benefits for your organization.

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